Elder Scroll Online, Nice To Watch But Not Worth To Play

Every Subcription Based MMORPG has supporters and haters, and I stand as an opponent of upcoming Elder Scroll Online supporter. As a fans of Bethesda’s open world game series like Elder Scroll single player and Fallout, the only two things that make Elder Scroll Online better are CG Movie and the online gaming feature. These…


Stormtrooper Cosplay Hip Hop Dance 2

I still find ScottDW ‘s Hip Hop Twerk – 4K full of humour after a month, here share a set of animated gif that I have make earlier. Check out the Stormtrooper Cosplay Hip Hop Dance 1.  


Top Favorite Cosplayer in January 2014 – Nebulaluben

Nebulaluben are a Spain couple of cosplayer, cosplay costume maker or whatever you can name them related to cosplay. Costumes they made are really well crafted which just looks so real. The cinematic view of every photo shoot looks fun. We are waiting their first costume in 2014, it should be the work in progress Saints…


Alodia Gosiengfiao Gentleman with D-Piddy Deadpool

Beside Jessica Nigri, Filipino cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao is another cosplay star who has million followers on facebook. Alodia’s costume is nothing special, but she has a pretty face. The following gifs are some nice shooting of Alodia. Gifs by Cosplay Sleep Eat Play Video source: Deadpool and Alodia Dancing Gentleman    


Stormtrooper Cosplay Hip Hop Dance

Everyone  likes Star Wars and funny cosplay should not miss ScottDW ‘s latest video Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk – 4K   Here are some animated gifs cut out from the video. The gif source from tumblr Ednon’s Blog but I am not so sure Ednon make the cool gifs or not. Thanks for watching !!!…