The Best Cosplay MV Maker 2013


Cosplay Music Video is getting more and more important as a resources for cosplay lover. If you cannot attend a coplay conventional event, you can still get the feeling from cosplay music video beside cosplay pictures. A good Cosplay MV maker can put great cosplay together showcasing the best moment of cosplay event such as Comic Con, Dragon Con and many others. Here we have shortlisted our Top 5 Cosplay MV maker:


1. Sneaky Zebra


The UK filmmaker Sneaky Zebra is the most remarkable Cosplay MV maker as number of articles about Sneaky Zebra has seen online when they release new cosplay video. They are very talented in digital effect, fast and slow motion. Their cosplay videos are mainly for UK and US conventional events. Is Sneaky Zebra a US cosplay character lover? Dr Who, Ghost buster, Star Wars franchise, Spiderman, Judge Dredd cosplay always appears in their cosplay videos.



2. MLZ Studios


If you like to see some detailing of cosplay costume, the hobbyist cosplay videographer MLZ Studios is probably your best choice. MLZ Studios loves to take some times for different viewing angles instead of moving it’s camera to next cosplayer in rush. They have the most details video description which you can find out every cosplay character and cosplayer from cosplay music video.


3. SpendthriftMonk


Thanks to the brilliant background music and the beautiful shooting style, SpendthriftMonk’s cosplay MV works is the most exciting and enjoyable cosplay video we have seen in 2013. After watching their video, you may feel you have miss the best thing in your life if you did not attend the cosplay event you have just seen from SpendthriftMonk’s video.



4. acksonl


This is one of the cosplay music video maker you should miss out in 2013. Acksonl always show the freshness, clear cut shooting style that make every few minutes long video very entertaining.



5. D Piddy


Perhaps you do not agree that D Piddy is a video maker as heĀ  is rather a funny cosplay star. However, it is so obvious that D Piddy is the director for his many funny cosplay video, and he is the video editor.


Whatever cosplay character D Piddy play, he will never get his audience bore , he doesn’t play same humor twice. D Piddy is definitely the Jim Carrey or Stephen Chow in cosplay world.



Runner Up: Geek Fever


Geek Fever’s Epic Cosplay Time Lapse video could be the best cosplay video in 2013. We wanted but just can’t include him in the top list because we want to see more works from him.


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